Governor Perry, the Inconsistent

On Sunday, The Dallas Morning News adds a “Points” section to the paper; this section includes expanded commentary on current national and international issues.  Also included are notable quotes spoken or written during the previous week.

This week, one such quote, from Texas Governor Rick Perry, caught my attention:

The state has a responsibility to prevent the needless suffering of our most vulnerable citizens.” — Gov. Rick Perry, endorsing legislation called the Preborn Pain Act, to ban abortions in Texas after 20 weeks (The Dallas Morning News, Thursday)

If this is true, Gov. Perry, then why the inconsistency with accepting federal Medicaid assistance that is offered as part of the Affordable Health Care Act?  Are the children of the poor, of the homeless, not also vulnerable?  Is there not a responsibility to prevent suffering, period?

I am thankful for those in Austin who continue to pressure for a change in position.  Other state legislatures and governors have reversed their decisions, humbly agreeing with the citizen’s stance.  Why not Texas?

For further information on the uninsured in Texas, click here:  

And for the current stance by organizations pressuring for a change, including Texas Impact, see this follow up article by Manny Fernandez of the New York Times:  

2 thoughts on “Governor Perry, the Inconsistent

  1. It's wonderful to think that the government can provide free "stuff" to the masses but absence in this thinking is that free stuff really isn't free. Are those polititians that are changing camps changing because of principles or because they've suddenly realized that the uninsured are voters too? Very few have the courage to stand on their convictions knowing that it is the government benefit packages that will get them reelected!


  2. Cathy, I'm pleased to read this point made so clearly on your blog. In Texas children need healthcare desperately, and we must draw up a plan to help. The extension of Medicaid would save Texans money as well as tend to these children. A plan costs so much less than trips to the Emergency Room–Which average about three thousand dollars a visit. More importantly, Texans Would be acting responsibly in service to their neighbors.


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