Stand by Me – Wherever You Are!

A friend of mine from Central America sent this video clip to me.  During this week of US Thanksgiving, I find it especially joyful …

I’ve written in previous posts about the Tower of Babel story in the Book of Genesis.  It’s appropriate here, as well.  The first verse (Gen 11:1) shares the origin of language : “Now the whole world had one language and a common speech.”  It was not until the people started to build the tower, to keep themselves close in proximity to each other, so no one would wander away – that’s when the story shares that God created other languages and spread people across the earth.

Above all, we were created with one language – a language of love.  Watch this video, listen to the song, and realize that wherever we live, whatever our color, or our spoken language – we all move to the same rhythm, as God intended.  (Make sure you get to at least the one minute mark)

Have a peaceful week, everyone; and in all things, Love.

One thought on “Stand by Me – Wherever You Are!

  1. Good morning Cathy:

    Hope all is well with this almost bad weather.

    I am here in my office and listened to the video twice. I really like to listen to that older man with the hat and his singing.

    Great video and it is really what happens when we put feelings to music.

    Good thing that we have someone to stand by us regardless what happens in our lives.

    Hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the support you guys have given us.



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