Negotiating Lessons from Broadway

Read my latest contribution on the D Real Estate Daily blog online, appearing today.  These lessons cross industry lines, too!

One thought on “Negotiating Lessons from Broadway

  1. Hello young lady.

    Good to see you yesterday as always. You amaze me with your energy and things you get done in a 24 hour day.

    The article is great. I had to read it couple times to get everything out of it. Hit close to home.

    You are using one of the many talents the good Lord has given you.

    Thanks for all you have done for us and we are fortunate to have you and your family as friends.

    See you soon at some of Jack’s games.

    Pete Hosp
    City of Frisco
    Heritage Center Coordinator
    6455 Page Street
    Frisco, Texas 75034
    (972) 292-5111
    Cell: (214) 585-2919


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