Longhorns, Fighting Irish, and an Unexpected Friendship

September 21, 1996.  That’s how far back I have to go to tell this story.  And it seems appropriate that I tell it this week, as the University of Texas Longhorns take on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in Austin for each team’s opening game of the 2016 season this weekend.  Once again – sinceContinue reading “Longhorns, Fighting Irish, and an Unexpected Friendship”

How do the Faithful Pack a Lunch?

For many years, I made lunches for our daughter, Shannon, to take to school.  As a vegetarian, she sometimes had few options provided in the school cafeteria, and packing her lunches was a good way to make sure she had something she would eat. Shannon graduated from high school in 2012, and by that time,Continue reading “How do the Faithful Pack a Lunch?”

You Know Where to Find Me

Having spent one week sick in bed, and another week in Santa Fe at the hospital with my husband, Steve, I wanted to have some special time with our son, Jack, when we returned to Dallas.  Under normal circumstances, Steve and I are not “movie-goers.”  We choose to wait for movies to appear on instantContinue reading “You Know Where to Find Me”

How to get an Acura MDX to Santa Fe…..Have Faith.

July 2015…a tough month for the Sweeneys, ending with Steve as a passenger on a careflight ride from Raton, NM to Santa Fe.  He had been hiking on the Philmont Scout Camp, with the scout troop, and contracted pneumonia along the way. We had a lot of logistics to consider, but the one I wouldContinue reading “How to get an Acura MDX to Santa Fe…..Have Faith.”

You’ve Heard of Comic Con….Is there a God Con?

If you have access to the internet, or if you are active on social media, you could hardly miss last week’s reporting from San Diego, the city which hosts the largest annual ‘fandom’ convention in the world – Comic Con International.  The city was bombarded with visitors dressed as Marvel Heroes, DC Comic Heroes, StarContinue reading “You’ve Heard of Comic Con….Is there a God Con?”

A Community of Faith

At church this morning (Arapaho United Methodist), we welcomed a new member into Christ’s church.  The little boy, a little more than a year old, was fascinated with the water; his brothers and sister, standing beside the pastors, were equally enthralled.  After the pastor “baptized him in the name of the Father, and of theContinue reading “A Community of Faith”

In the Chill of the Night

We’ve been dealing with some pretty icy and cold conditions in Dallas this last week.   I can feel the laughter from my school friends in Colorado and Virginia; surely a little ice isn’t going to slow us Texans down?  But it does.  Oh yes, it does. When the temperatures drop below freezing, everyone inContinue reading “In the Chill of the Night”

The Story of Sweeney’s on the Creek

We live on a creek, in Texas.  Some people just assume that the moniker, “Sweeney’s on the Creek,” derives from that location (and it does).  But, as usual with nicknames, there is a hidden meaning that I’d like to share with you now. Steve’s father was raised in Lansing, Iowa, a small community of aboutContinue reading “The Story of Sweeney’s on the Creek”