Chipped Mugs

This is a picture of a mug from a set that was given to me when I turned 40.  Yes, I know it is hard to imagine, but I passed 40 more than a few years ago.  The set of mugs was given to me by someone very special to me, and I know she put a lot of thought and heart into getting me just the right gift for that special day.
Notice the chip on the lip of the cup?  I wasn’t careful with the mug when I placed it in the sink one day.  Funny, though, I like having the chip there.  I didn’t throw away the whole mug simply because a part of it was damaged.
That’s a lot how God is with us, and how we are expected to be with each other.  During this Lenten season, I’ve had some time to reflect; I do that a lot when I’m drinking my coffee in the morning.  Isn’t it great that God’s grace allows us to be chipped, but still functional?
How I hope that I can demonstrate the same grace with others.  I hope at the end of this Lenten season, I come out with a humbling attitude that can recognize a chip in the mug, forgive the fault that caused it, and have the grace to overlook it when needed.

Celebrations and Reflections

We celebrate the Risen Christ, and that is appropriate – every day.  We feast on banquets with our families, and share in God’s wonderful blessing.  That, too, is a celebration available because of God’s unceasing and immeasureable love for us.  Every Day.

It’s easy to celebrate, and forget that there are children who live in hunger, in fear, in pain – in our state, in our city, in our own neighborhood.  Think it doesn’t happen, ‘not in my neighborood?’  Think again.  Who do you see reflected in this short video reposted from Larry James’ Urban Daily blog?  As I watched, I wondered.  As I watched the words trail by……’too many are born too soon’…….I realized – that voice of an angel I heard singing this morning is the same voice that was crying to be heard, 18 years ago, when she was born at 3 1/2 pounds, 8 weeks early.

We were fortunate to have insurance.  We were, and are, fortunate to have a network of family, friends and coworkers who rallied together to help.   They were Christ’s hands for our family.

Other children are not as fortunate.  Other families are not as fortunate.  As I reflect on the beautiful words and music and flowers and love we shared this morning, I am compelled to ask you to consider this thought provoking and short video, and reflect on how you might be able to share the heart and hands of Christ with any of the least of these.

Christ is risen!   Christ is in each of us….as I heard this morning, “WE are the gardeners.”  I pray that we can continue to make the flowers bloom for all God’s children.


Larry James’ Urban Daily: Choices we face in Texas. . .: The Center for Public Policy Priorities is the Texas home to KIDS COUNT , a national and state-by-state effort to track the status of child…